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Grow Your Wildlife Control Business with Conserv®

If you currently own a wildlife removal business and are looking for ways to grow, Conserv® partners with wildlife control businesses and ambitious wildlife control operators who are looking to grow or build a reputable wildlife control company. 

Conserv®  is actively looking for great operators to partner with and provide the assistance and resources they need to grow.

What Can Conserv® Do For Your Wildlife Control Business?

When you join the Conserv® Team of companies, we invest in your business where it needs it the most.

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Administrative Support
  • Introductions to Conserv National Accounts
  • Access to Our 100+ Personnel Call Center
  • A Proven Strategy to Grow Fast
  • Discounted Supplies & Vendor Resources

In 2020, Conserv® Has Committed;

  • $9.3 Million in Capital to Our Associate Wildlife Control Businesses

Free Business Valuation

If you would like to know what your business is worth to us or what it would look like to partner with us, please reach out to

Kyle Waltz Founder & CEO

Kyle Waltz, the founder & CEO of Conserv® has a passion for wildlife control and has more than 15 years of experience in wildlife management. Kyle knows what it takes to run a wildlife control business both in the field and behind a desk, having built and sold three pest & wildlife control businesses. Kyle has experience in urban wildlife control and has managed nuisance wildlife in areas far away from civilization.  

2010- Kyle Founded First Coast Wildlife Services, LLC in Jacksonville, FL. 

2014 - Kyle started two additional companies Conserv Wildlife Services® in Birmingham, Alabama & Expel Pest Service® in Jacksonville, Florida. 

2017- In 10 months, 10 new locations were opened for Expel & Conserv back to back in various areas across the United States.

2020 - First Coast Wildlife Services, LLC & Expel Pest Service, LLC were acquired by McCall Service, Inc a "Top 100 Pest Control Company".

Learn about growing your wildlife removal business on The Wildlife Control Podcast

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Join the Conserv Group of companies

Do You Have an Exit Strategy?

Planning your exit strategy is something many wildlife control business owners don't think about, and we get it. Here's some questions to ask yourself.

Are you interested in selling all or a portion of your wildlife control business?

Do you need funding to grow your wildlife removal company?

Is your pest wildlife control business sell-able?

Does the thought of joining a larger wildlife control firm while also having the freedom to run your wildlife control business on your terms and earn a premium while doing so sound appealing?

Do you want to start your own wildlife removal business? 

If you've answered yes to any of those questions, reach out to

Associate & Subsidiary Companies

  • Beck Wildlife Services - Baltimore, MD
  • Kitts Wildlife Services - Charleston, SC
  • Washington Wildlife Services - Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Browning Wildlife Services - West Palm Beach, FL
  • Luttrell Wildlife Services - Colorado Springs, CO
  • Farrell-Kerns Wildlife Services - Wilmington, NC
  • Mendenhall Wildlife Services - Nashville, TN
  • Expel of the Panhandle - Destin, FL
  • Expel of South Florida - Miami, FL
  • Conserv Wildlife Services, LLC - Birmingham, AL
  • Conserv of New Jersey - Mount Laurel, NJ
  • Conserv of Chicago - Tinley Park, IL